Sunday, March 2, 2014

My first post - Hope for Spring

This is my first post. I moved to the Borough of Greenwich not long ago and for the first time in my life I have a garden. I inherited a beautiful garden but with lots of trees. I initially wanted to cut most of them but I somehow got attached to the trees.
I have a Lilac tree which gives wonderful purple flowers in Spring.

Above you can see the Lilac tree, Ash and Quince - all asleep

I also have a May tree which gives wonderful purple/pink flowers in Spring. Not only that, recently I found that its an Hawthorn. The leaves and flowers can be used to make tea - the berries can be also made into Jam. Not only that the berries, leaves and flowers have medicinal properties. From what I read on Youtube - they are good for the heart.

I also have an Eucalyptus which has grown to an enormous size. But how nice it looks.

At the back of the garden there is a big Ash tree, which you can see behind the Eucalyptus.

Right next to the house we used to have a Port Orford tree. I talk in the past because unfortunately that tree had to go. The tree was beautiful and tall but it was taking away too much light from our house and the next door neighbor.

Another tree in our garden that definitely will stay is Cordyline australis. What a beautiful tree - the birds really love it.

During winter I planted more trees of dwarf to medium size: The black mulberry, Victoria Plum, Cherry Stella and Morello, apple tree, Apricot tree and so on. I also planted raspberries and strawberries.

Spring is now approaching and I am full of hope that all of these new residents wake up. I will try to blog regularly and I will post updates for each of the new and old residents as soon as they wake up. I will add pictures to this post soon too.


  1. I love lilac, the scence is beautifull. Lucky you! I tried to propagate the shrub but it doesn't look promising.

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