Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quince Tree - Vranja

I never meant to buy a Quince tree. Truth is that I was looking to buy a Pear tree but somehow I bought a Quince - Vranja. I decided not to send it back and planted it anyway.

I have done some research and here are the facts that I learned about the Quince tree:
  • The scientific name is "Cydonia oblonga" and belongs to the Rosaceae family
  • The fruit looks like a pear but can't be eaten raw as its very hard
  • The fruit has a wonderful perfume
  • In Portugal the same tree is called "Marmeleiro"  and the fruit is called "Marmelo". When I was younger I remember eating the jam "Marmelada". It was delicious.
  • In Spring, the Quince tree has some of the most wonderful flowers - I am looking forward to that
Now Spring is approaching and the Quince was the first tree to wake up.

 I hope to see the flowers soon!

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