Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter day and Spring week 4

Today is Easter Sunday, the day of the resurrection of our Lord. A day to celebrate. Believe it or not today I was relieved that it rained. It hasn't rained for almost two weeks now and the garden was needing it. Mind that I got wet just when I came back from church.

The strawberries are thriving, at least for now while they aren't ripe yet. I am starting to search for bird nets on the internet as I suspect that as soon as the strawberries ripen they will disappear.

My other strawberries seem to have a sticky substance in the leaves. I found the bug that seems to be responsible for this - but I yet do not know its name. It is some kind of green larva. It seems to prefer strawberries as other plants are nearby with no visible sticky substance.

The apple trees are still in blossom and the cherry trees started doing what they do best: to produce cherries. I am yet to buy tree nets as I struggle to find the right kind on Ebay.

In the meantime I have started some tomatos, string beans and french dwarf beans from seed. They are still indoors and growing well. I will have to wait until May to plant them as right now is too cold.
Bardsey apple tree in blossom

The Lilac tree is more Lilac than ever. Quite beautiful actually. 

Lilac tree blossom
The May tree(also known as Hawthorn) is getting there. I can already see the flower buds. But not worth a picture yet.

Finally, the Quince tree is also in blossom now.  Currently I am not happy with the tree shape but I will wait until its in full leaf to see how I am going to prune it.

Quince tree blossom

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  1. It looks like the strawberry in my garden are in the same process of growing that yours. Unfortunately I noticed a huge ammount of green aphids on the plants, and I am worried that there will be no fruits. I have treated the aphids, so hopefully it will work.