Saturday, April 5, 2014

Greenwich Park, Shard and the Walkie talkie Sky Garden

In the morning I took my family to Greenwich park in Greenwich. We go there regularly as it is close to us. Now it is the right time to visit the flower garden and enjoy the flowers, especially the Cherry blossom. We were not disappointed. It was great to see the park full of colour.

Pink Cherry blossom

Cherry tree with pink and white blossom???

It is  the first time that I notice that the same cherry tree can have white and pink blossoms. This is likely the result of grafting two varieties of Cherry together. The result is quite spectacular.

Parakeet eating blossom

I was also pleased to see that the Deer park site was cleared up. I spotted two parakeets on top of a cherry tree eating the blossoms. At least that's what it looked like. The floor was awash with petals...

Greenwich park as usual was teeming with tourists eager to visit the meridian line.

Finally I took a picture of the most famous tree in Greenwich park: the Queen Elizabeth Oak
This tree was planted in the 12th century and it was standing until 1991 when it was brought down by rain. The tree is thought to have died in the 19th century but it was able to stand until 1991 because it was supported by Holly and Ivy. It is completely hollow in the inside and apparently it was use to lock up for the day any park visitor that broke the rules.

Queen Elizabeth's Oak

In the afternoon mywife and I visited the Oblix at the Shard as we wanted to do something different. In London there is always plenty of choice :-)

The Oblix is a sleek restaurant on the 32nd floor of the Shard. We didn't go for the food but just for the view and the drinks.

The cocktails, coffee, tea and beers were quite reasonably priced taking into account the view of the London skyline. £3.50 for a tea? That's a bargain taking into account the cost of the ticket to the top of the Shard(£22).

I went for a Martini Americano, a rather strong cocktail which instantly warmed me up.

The Walkie-talkie and Tower 42
Canary Wharf and river thames

The Walki-talkie above is a special building. Not only because of its Walkie-talkie shape, which is derived from the fact that it gets wider at the top, but also because it will have a rooftop sub-tropical garden i.e. sky garden. This sub-tropical paradise will be free to the public!
You will need to book a time slot before visiting as there a limited number of visitors allowed per day.
In addition to the sky garden, there will be a view to match. I am really looking forward to the opening in December this year. Recently there has been a lot of negative press about an excess number of skyscrapers planned for London, which to be honest is deserved. But for me the Walkie talking is going to become a top London attraction.
It will definitely give the Shard a run for its money. Did I already mention that its free??!

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  1. It looks like you had a good day expoloaring the garden. There is a cherry tree at neighbours front garden that has white and pink flowers-so strange...