Sunday, April 27, 2014

Making Hawthorn Tea

This week our hawthorn is in full bloom and as planned, we wanted to make Hawthorn tea.
Three wood pigeons are devouring the blossom non-stop so I can't leave it for next week.
Hawthorn in bloom you spot the pigeon?

The process to make Hawthorn tea is pretty simple: cut the branches, nip off the leaves and flowers and place them in a food dehydrator tray flat. A food dehydrator comes with 5 or six trays, which stack on top of each other. So even though the process is simple, it requires a bit of tedious manual labour.

Finally you need to switch the food dehydrator to the lowest setting(35 celcius) and wait approximately 12 hours. You will know when its done because the leaves will crumble when you touch them.

My son doing the hard work

The tray after its full

The Hawthorn tea is supposed to have lots of health benefits. For a start it can increase the blood supply to the heart which is very beneficial for those who suffered from heart attack.
Obviously don't take my word, as I am not a doctor. I am just doing this tea for fun and I am not looking to use it as medicine.

I have tried the tea and the taste is nothing to blog about - not bitter - just not much taste. However it is the first tea I have made with my son - which kind of makes it special and especially fun.

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