Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring In Action - Week 3

This is Spring week 3 - and here is my garden update.

The Stella cherry trees blossom is nearly gone. So now it is just the question of waiting for the fruit.

Mini Sylvia Cherry tree with cherries growing

The Morello cherry tree, the only cherry tree that I am growing in a pot, surprised me as it is also in flower! I bought it over winter and I am not disappointed.
Morello Cherry tree in blossom - I
Morello Cherry tree in blossom - II

Now I need to work out tactics for defending the cherries. This week I spotted the resident squirrel. I was starting to think that may be the local cats scared him off. That was wishful thinking I am afraid. If I want to taste any of the cherries I need to net the trees and maybe distract the squirrels with peanuts. Will that work? I guess that I will find out.

The quince tree hasn't flowered yet - but I am certain that it will. I have to confess - that I am a bit disappointed with the look of the tree - the shape is very odd. I am still trying to figure out how I can prune it to an appropriate shape.

Quince tree with odd shape

The  potted Brown Turkey fig trees are doing very well. I am hoping that with a warm weather I will be able to enjoy some nice figs in July. Unfortunately that will also mean that I need to net the trees to protect the figs against birds.

The apple trees are in blossom! For me it is the most spectacular blossom of all. I have two types: James grieve and Bardsey apple. The reason that I have two varieties is because apples are not self-fertile.  The Bardsey apple is a rare type - which is supposed to be disease resistant. The point is that the two cultivars flower roughly at the same time and can cross pollinate. The question is, will the same bee find the two trees in one go? The James grieve is in the front garden and the Bardsey apple is in the backyard. Perhaps I need to put up a sign? :-)

Bardsey apple tree in bloom
James Grieve apple in bloom

The Czar plum tree still has shown no signs of life. I will give it another month. I did plant it a bit late in March, furthermore all the shade doesn't seem to be doing any good.

On the other hand the Victoriam plum tree is doing very well, despite not having a lot of blossom. But its the first year only.

The strawberries are doing very well. Plenty of flowers which hopefully means plenty of strawberries. I am hoping to get some extra pots. Strawberries seem to thrive in pots. A lot easier than growing on the ground.

Elsanta strawberries thriving in pot

The Lillac tree has started flowering.
Hawthorn on the left, lilac tree in the middle

The Hawthorn is in full leaf. It should flower soon. I think I mentioned this before. I will try to make some herbal tea out of the hawthorn leaves and flowers. I have already had a go at eating the leaves and don't seem to taste anything like cheese. The leaves of the Hawthorn are called the bread and cheese. See earlier post.

The raspberry canes are also showing signs of life. I learned my lesson. It is best not to cut the canes immediately after planting. It is better to leave the canes alone and wait until they establish themselves first. This is of course my personal experience. Other gardeners may find that the exact opposite is true. I have very little experience, don't forget that.

I am really loving it. Three weeks of spring and so much has changed.

And I was going to forget. The mulberry tree is awake. I am certain there will be no mulberries this year, but miracles do happen.

God knows how my garden will look in 10 years time, but one thing is certain. If every tree thrives I will be doing a lot of pruning.


  1. Oh, the lilac. I haven't got it in mygarden, but while walking with Wilson I noticed that our neighbour has it in his and they are begining to bloom! My peach tree doesn't look good, just like your plum tree,and I spotted a strawberry fruit two days ago on my plants:)

  2. This week the lilac flowers look a lot more lilac and my plum still has no signs of life. I am currently applying for a refund - glad that I bought it from Blackmoores.

    Is the strawberry edible yet? Have you grown strawberries in the past? Do you net them?