Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strawberry and Cherry harvest

I haven't written for a while. That's because I have been collecting the fruits of my winter labour.
The strawberries  have been plenty and I have been having strawberries for breakfast every day.

However what really surprised me were the cherry trees. We have started eating the most delicious cherries at the end of May. Even though we are incapable of waiting for the cherries to be fully red, the cherries are still very sweet and juicy. Not even a tint of sour.
Delicious strawberries waiting to be picked

Another surprise is that even though my garden is full of birds they seem to be ignoring the cherries. I like to think that it is God watching for our cherries. But there may be a more scientific explanation like they already have plenty of cherries elsewhere.  

The squirrel that terrorised our cherry tree last summer is nowhere to be seen which is a bit odd too.
My advice for anyone living in London and with a garden is if you want to have cherries plenty for years to come buy a cherry tree.

Cherries almost ready to be plucked
Strawberries are easy too - both in compost or planted in dirt.