Monday, August 11, 2014

How to grow Strawberries from Runners

My strawberry plants have thrown an impressive amount of runners during the Summer. One of the most frequent questions people ask is how to grow new Strawberry plants from runners? I have done it in three ways, so there is more than one answer to this question.

If you do nothing and your strawberries are growing in a raised border, chances are the runners will find a cosy spot elsewhere and root there. No work involved :-)
In fact this may happen even if your strawberries grow in a container and you locate your container right next to the spot where you want them to grow in. I have placed my strawberry containers right next to a raised border and voila the strawberries have now successfully migrated to a raised border. This saved work as I don't have to dig holes - which would have been the case if I had transplanted them from a pot.

The other technique I have used is to fill a small pot with a dirt and then press the tip of the strawberry runner which is growing the new leaves against the pot. For this I used small sticks as I didn't have any wire at hand. Most bloggers on the internet recommend wire. But in truth you can use just about anything that is at hand and can do the job - use your imagination.
After the new strawberry plant roots into the pot you can cut the runner and then transplant the strawberry to a new container or another border - or why not offer it as a gift?

In summary - growing strawberries from runners is the easiest job in the world and can save you a lot of money in new plants.

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